perjantai 21. maaliskuuta 2014

A little bit more of Font.

Had once again a blast in the forests of Fontainebleau. This time it was just a little bit different and managed to send couple of old nemesis problems with relative little effort.

In Karma it was especially nice to notice that specific training for it had helped a lot and to my surprise I managed to send it in less than one hour and with under ten tries this. The one and only classic problem I have always wanted to climb was not a dream any more.

As it usually feels in Font, especially after training season, you need some time to adapt to the different style of climbing on almost non-existing foot holds and bad hand holds. So it was also on this trip but luckily hard training paid it dues big time and climbing did not feel so hard any more nor it didn't tire the body and muscles so badly even we climbed as much as we could to get into good shape for projects back home. It is strange that every year climbing in Font just feels somehow better than on last trip, if you only have trained harder than before seems to be the trick.

Here is a short video what happened during one week we stayed there this time. It seems you always have to leave when it starts to feel good.

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