perjantai 20. toukokuuta 2011

Luohua action

Season has been on over two months now and still the main projects persitently avoid being sent so had to brush some new ones in the meanwhile.
The direct topout to Sabamies became a reality and as stand start it became Urpojen seurakunta. The grade is around 7C involving moves on really small edges and a long reach to good edge, topping then to the left with decent slopers. If you decide top out to the right into drunken woods it's Pussy wagon 7B+ then.
Lada miestä kuljettaa assis (8A/+) linked to Urpojen seurakunta became Ladamiesten seurakunta and weights somewhere around 8A+ propably, we well see after it gets repeated.
But the true gem here is Sabamies with Urpojen seurakunta top out, obviously called Sabamiesten seurakunta, involving 12 moves on tiny but good edges until the sloper top out to the left.

It seems "Ulilaisuus" is really paying back some of you efforts when you just don't give up and give always your best. Dr. G also found out this when he after first sending separately Elämä on pyyttonia 7B and DIstanssia arkeen 7A+ on different sessions linked them first go at the end of the day. This was second repeat to this Distanssia arkeen extension traverse 7C. Congrats!

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