torstai 28. huhtikuuta 2011

A little bit of Fontainebleau

There is something about the forests of Fontainebleau that cannot be described. You have to see, feel and experience it for yourself until you may find what it is. What is even more strange is that the experience gets better every time, the more you spend time and climb there.

Again as starting trip of the season the plan was to climb more a bit easier stuff, try a lot, send harder ones in one session or two if possible and most importantly have fun trying. And of course get fitter for the rest of season for which I can not imagine a better recipe than almost nonexistent seem footholds typical to font combined with varied compression climbing on slopers or slopy edges.

Well, it was a good plan and became even better when Nalle and Andy came along. Virtually every day was spent in the forests either climbing, just carrying pads, slacklining or shooting video and stills. No mercy was shown, if tiredness was felt you just tried harder at least that one more try. You wouldn't just give up in the middle of the wall while soloing, would you? The difference of being tired and just feeling tired was eventually found.

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  1. Hyvä pätkä.....hyvät pultit samilta. Nikä toi videon eka biisi on??

  2. Hehe, biisi on Amorphiksen From the heaven of my heart.