maanantai 11. lokakuuta 2010

Another classic from Jyväskylä

Again I found myself heading to Jyväskylä in a mission to try and send Paddington and Marvin but again the always changing autumn weather forced me to change my plans. This time I found myself, suprisingly but pleasantly from Muuratsalo, under the classic test piece Forte Risoluto which was already having some serious projecting by strong men from Eastern Finland. It did not take long until Sami got his mission completed by making solid send (Video of this on MTK's blog). Young local strong man Tuomo showed also no unnecessary respect to the classic and was really close making another ascent so I thought also to give my fair share to the problem. With good beta from Sami and Marko it went down quickly but the send also pretty much destroyed skin from my left hand so it was time to call it a day. Of course we went still to Paddington but it was nothing else than cry and tears. Well, maybe next time!

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