keskiviikko 9. syyskuuta 2009

Lofoten Islands

It seems every cloud has a silver lining or in this case an apple. After our trip to Lofoten Islands at the end of July it took quite awhile until I got the footage from the trip edited, as the good old (what a piece of crap) HP laptop took not so surprisingly it's last breath once again just after the trip. Finally things started to roll when I got an apple and FCE running on it. Now it seems there is no turning back.

But let's cut the crap, shall we. As you already may or may not know Lofoten offers a growing bunch of awesome problems with good quality in a very picturesque setting. If you are planning a trip to Lofoten you should definitely try some or all of the following. Problems in order of appearance are: King Fisher 7A, Slarti barfast 7B+, Monster 8A, Michael Knight 7C+, Nightrider 7C+, Nightrider Hoyre 8A+, Viileä Viive 7A and Presten roof 7A+.

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