sunnuntai 12. heinäkuuta 2009

Rovaniemi by night

I and Dr G decided to push our luck and try to take the advantage of a short time window of good cool weather forecasted in Rovaniemi between midninght and early morning hours. It is not usual to have temps below 10 degrees even at nights in the middle of July so it was well worth of giving it a shot.

We arrived to Hiidenkirnut just before midnight just as planned termometer showing 9 and half degrees, excellent. Quickly we unpacked our stuff and headed to Planta Baja stone. After some proper warmup it was time to start the action. Couple of hours went by and it seemed that maybe the good weather was just not enough as early hours were taking its toll and the best edge seemed to be lost. I had almost thrown my axe into the well before my fourth go when Dr G. told me to change the music and put some good old beats pounding proven to be effective already in Eastern in Åland. First I thought it was no use but then why not to give it a shot, just one more go for the team you know.

While the song started I figured just to give my best, not to worry about anything else. As I got to the crux moves it started to get really heavy, after each move I was sure I was going to fall from the next move but somehow I didn't. Soon I was hanging on the lip just the mantel between me and the top. I had my feet badly but knew there was no time to waste. Luckily I got the mantel move started and finished it by force, Ugly as hell but effective. Four year's epic was over and the project was no more. But what was most satisfying was the style how it was done, that I had completely suprised myself by finishing it when I thought it was not going to go any more. Thanks from that, keeping excellent spirit and making good music choice go absolutely to Dr DJ G! Training montage worked it's macig again.

5 kommenttia:

  1. Onneksi olkoon lähetyksestä!!! Hienon näköinen tuo lipalle meno.

    Muistatko millä termillä tuota Maria Solan toppaamista tuolla manttelityylillä kutsuttiin?

  2. Onnittelut, hienosti suoritettu!! Taitaa olla pohjoisen vaikein linja tällä hetkellä.

  3. Tack, tack. Joo, jo lipalle mennessä sai kaivaa reservistä kaikki mitä löytyi joten tuskin olisi originaalityylillä toppaus mennyt enää. Saa joku muu kerätä tuosta toppauksesta tyylipisteet sitten =)

  4. Hey great efford! Its nice to see the way you resist with rage without falling, every move seems to be the last, but no! Is Tomy G.the guy spotting? If so, say hello.

  5. Thanks! It really was some battle I will remember for long time. Yes, that is mister Tomy G himself. Without him spotting there had been no battle at all I believe. I am sure he will get the greetings!