lauantai 13. kesäkuuta 2009

Easy company

Had a short and relaxing trip to Hiidenkirnut in easy company of happy and merciless bullshitters which propably helped me in changing awhile plagued "almost but still not there yet" gear to sending mode by making FA to Rippe's old project in Planta baja stone left to the Uskon puute dyno. Easy Company 8A/7C+ is only two powerful moves on not so good holds and took two sessions this year and three last year.
The problem felt surely harder than linnuntie at the same block but maybe a tiny bit easier than ladamies, a boulder of similar character in Luohua, so we'll just have to wait for repeaters' opinions until we get a confirmation about the grade. A very nice problem anyway and a decent addition to already vast collection of quality problems in Rovaniemi.

2 kommenttia:

  1. No niin!
    Menihän se viimein! :)

    Way to go.
    Onko sulla ollenkaan videota Namblasta?
    Se olis hyvä beeta pistää jakoon jos löytyy.


  2. Tattista! Eipä olla namblaa videoitu kun ei ollut videokameraa vielä viime kesänä =) Täytyy porista Rippen kanssa josko siitä otettais pätkä talteen jossain välissä.