torstai 28. toukokuuta 2009

My world of sin

Finally got together a teaser of two of the hardest problems in Pyhäntä boulder. The clip is more or less unfinished and full of cutting and editing errors but if you just want a bit more detailed view what those problems are all about check the video.
There is also a raw sequence of a linkup project, which starts with an easy slab and then links the Always broken other way around to No man's land finish, involving 15 hard, fingery, physical and somewhat acrobatic moves of which last two are the hardest. It certainly feels a good notch harder than No man's land assis. Let's see if the project get's it's FA on this season and other problems first repeats. The evenings and nights are still cold and friction good enough to try it and other problems out but the heat will come eventually.

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